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Georgia Houses For Cash

Lightning Fast

No matter where you are in Georgia, we’ll buy your property!

You’re ready to sell your house for cash quick, but you just want to make sure you’re getting the maximum amount you can possibly get out of your property before you leave the keys behind.

We pay the most and we pay LIGHTNING FAST.

We’re ready to give you a cash price for your property, right now. No delays, no waiting and no excuses.

  • You pick closing date
  • We pay lawyers fees, court costs, etc…
  • ANY house, ANY condition, ANY situation.



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We’d like to give you a FREE $20 visa gift card just for giving us a few minutes of your time!

  • Call us: 404-800-5909
  • Text us by tapping HERE
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  • Click the blue box below to tell us a little about your property
  • Whatever works best for you! We’ll be in touch with you lightning fast

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We’ll Pay For The Lawyer • 
We’ll Cover Moving Expenses

  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Stuck in probate or needs to start probate
  • Divorce or separation
  • Delayed/behind on mortgage payments
  • Structural issues
  • Retirement / Downsizing / Paying Bills
  • Property needs a lot of repairs
  • Ugly/terrible house
  • Relocation / Job Issues / Must move ASAP
  • Undesirable neighborhoods
  • Unable to sell
  • Need a short sale
  • Tired of living in an ugly house
  • Moving or relocating
  • Inherited a property
  • Landlord headaches
  • No situation at all, just want to sell FAST

We Pay Top Dollar For Houses






Foreclosure, Inheritance,


Whether it’s probate, inheritance or any other court mess, if we buy your property we’ll take it and clear everything up for you! We’ll even pay for an attorney on your behalf AND the probate process! If we buy your home then:

  • Don’t fix anything- we buy AS IS
  • We’ll stop foreclosure
  • We’ll pay for an attorney
  • We’ll pay the cost of probate
  • We’ll deal with court so you don’t have to
  • We’ll pay cash
  • We’ll close on your schedule
  • You pay nothing, We pay ALL closing costs & commissions
  • ANY home in ANY condition

No problem, we’ll take it!

Need money FAST?
You’re looking for us!

Does your property look like this? WE lOVE IT! Chat with us about it and get a FREE $20 Gift Card!

How It Works

Any home • Any condition • Any situation

We pay all lawyers fees, court costs & moving expenses.

No matter what your particular situation may be, we’ll buy your house immediately. And we will give you a FREE gift card just for letting us evaluate your property’s value. Call us right now at 404-800-5909


Cash For House Scams

Forewarned is forearmed…

Anyone can learn from their own mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others…

-Otto von Bismarck


1. There should be NO CHARGES TO YOU when someone buys your home for cash

2. This means ANY AND ALL closing costs, commissions and fees  should be paid by the cash buyer and no one else

3. NEVER pay an “application fee” to get a cash offer. That’s always a scam

4. NEVER pay any fees at all up front to a cash buyer. Legitimate cash buyers ALWAYS make their money at the END of the deal, not the beginning

5. If you’re in foreclosure, don’t let the cash buyer stall you until you’re desperate. Find another buyer if they are stalling their offer or the closing date

6. Take the time to check to see if they have Google reviews and also consult the Better Business Bureau and other online reporting agencies.

7. Cash offers will always be lower than the retail value of your home (significantly lower in certain circumstances), this is a


part of how selling your home for cash works.  You’re offering your equity in trade for a fast close. If you’re not in a hurry, YOU SHOULD NOT SELL FOR CASH. Take your time, hire an agent and be patient. Many people will be offering you less for your house than it’s worth. You have to decide what’s best for you. It’s not always bad to take the deal, it’s not always good to reject it. Houses are like any other item for sale: the quicker you want to move it, the more of a discount you’ll need to consider. Think it through and decide what’s best for your individual circumstance

8. DO NOT be pressured to sign anything quickly.

9. Be very wary of anyone that tells you to stop making payments to your mortgage company, insist on up front payments or only accept payments via cashier’s checks or wire transfers

10. Read what you are signing before you sign


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Call us RIGHT NOW at 404-800-5909, or say hi with the form to the right, and we’ll immediately start working on your property comps, your property value and your offer. That's a $20 visa gift card just for taking the time chat with us and allow us to evaluate your home's value. NO OBLIGATIONS!

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I‘ve been an entrepreneur for more than 2 decades and I‘ve hosted a radio show for more than a decade.

I‘ve also been a real estate investor for more than 10 years and I absolutely love helping people find a safe path through selling their homes quickly, even if you’re in foreclosure or have other problems with the property

Call me RIGHT NOW, I‘d love to hear from you and let‘s see if I can work a little magic for you and your situation. No judgement, just kind, friendly solutions

No judgement, just kind, friendly solutions